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03:33 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: c44418a0a1 user: glowpelt
Greatly clean up Nix build. check-in: 49da7c1eeb user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Merge install script branch. Seems to be Good Enough for now, and shouldn't break anything at all to merge this. check-in: 12a51d9c50 user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Add a final terminating null to first message in kcli_usage. This was causing the shared library build to segfault. Not perfect, as if there are no options, there will be two nulls, but two is better than none. check-in: 6aeac330ce user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Merge the shared library build fixes into trunk check-in: d49a706cc4 user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Push r15 in linux x64 syscall This was causing the static, release, build of kcli.testbin to subtly segfault shortly after writing the first buffer. Still not sure why kcore.testbin seemingly wasn't affected, nor why the shared build still breaks worse. check-in: 6022ec08ab user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Remove the $to check entirely and have more output in Sourcing a file doesn't need it to be executable, so global/ can have it's executable bit removed and the $to check in it entirely removed. Adds some `say`s to to let you know it did something and help in case of error. Closed-Leaf check-in: 50b709b0d3 user: glowpelt tags: install
Make actually try to install. Just a first pass at the problem for now, but it seems to work fine finally with some quick testing. check-in: 6346f60bb6 user: glowpelt tags: install
Add a err.c for every module, and compile them all in. This fixes the build of the shared library version, as there are no more undefined symbols. `kexplain` likely will still not work, but it didn't work in the first place. Closed-Leaf check-in: bdc1191d6f user: glowpelt tags: fixshared
Partially fix shared library build by making sure that data_objects are linked in. This means that internal.ident.o is properly linked in, but internal.ident.o itself still references undefined symbols, so this is only a partial fix. check-in: 0d71b71cc8 user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Fix _start to properly find the environment. The arguments and environment are directly on the initial stack, which means that more work is needed to find the start of the environment properly. Also remove the hack in _boot that made it work if there were no arguments, as all of the math is being done in _start now. check-in: 62fd1bfe97 user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Disable PDF docs on NixOS. As it seems groff PDF support is currently broken on NixOS (, disable the building of PDFs in the NixOS build. check-in: 9408112a57 user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Merge accidental fork. check-in: bb6911fe4f user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Mostly fix NixOS build. Docs are still broken. The rest of the problems, mostly from small changes since NixOS was last tested, are fixed. check-in: 009b0289f2 user: glowpelt tags: trunk
00:41 Changes to a wiki page → Obsolete EVENT table information. Run "fossil rebuild" on the repository. artifact: 2aa408a68e user: glowpelt
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