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4 check-ins using file version e58e880af0

Push r15 in linux x64 syscall This was causing the static, release, build of kcli.testbin to subtly segfault shortly after writing the first buffer. Still not sure why kcore.testbin seemingly wasn't affected, nor why the shared build still breaks worse. check-in: 6022ec08ab user: glowpelt tags: trunk
Remove the $to check entirely and have more output in Sourcing a file doesn't need it to be executable, so global/ can have it's executable bit removed and the $to check in it entirely removed. Adds some `say`s to to let you know it did something and help in case of error. Closed-Leaf check-in: 50b709b0d3 user: glowpelt tags: install
Make actually try to install. Just a first pass at the problem for now, but it seems to work fine finally with some quick testing. check-in: 6346f60bb6 user: glowpelt tags: install
Partially fix shared library build by making sure that data_objects are linked in. This means that internal.ident.o is properly linked in, but internal.ident.o itself still references undefined symbols, so this is only a partial fix. check-in: 0d71b71cc8 user: glowpelt tags: trunk