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merge requests

while libk is developed primarily by a core of trusted developers with check-in privileges, we also welcome external contributions. unfortunately, fossil does not have an integrated merge request system. until we can automate something, please follow the instructions below.


export your branch with the fossil bundle command. for instance:

fossil bundle export --branch better-strings

please make sure to give your branch a meaningful name. once you have exported it, sign the bundle with signify and make it bundle available via HTTP. you may place the bundle on a server you control, or upload it to please do not use any other filehosting service.


after you have bundled your branch, open a new ticket of type "merge-request". you may do this even without an account by logging in as "anonymous" and completing the captcha correctly. include a link to the bundle and the email address associated with your public key in your ticket.

if this is the first merge request you have made, you may be contacted via email to verify that the public key and merge request are yours. if any of these details are missing or your bundle fails signature verification, your ticket will be summarily rejected.

if you have any questions, please contact project personnel.