libk  platform.munmap.fn.x86.lin.64.s at tip

File legacy/platform.munmap.fn.x86.lin.64.s from the latest check-in

bits 64
%include "../arch/posix/x86.lin.64.s"
%include "../arch/x86.cdecl.64.s"
; vim: ft=nasm

global kmem_platform_munmap
	; to call munmap, we need to translate the cdecl64
	; register arguments to their appropriate syscall64
	; registers. all those that matter are the same.
	  mov sys.reg.1, ccall.reg.0 ;nop - rdi → rdi
	  mov sys.reg.2, ccall.reg.1 ;nop - rsi → rsi

	mov sys.reg.0, sys.munmap

	mov ccall.reg.ret, sys.reg.ret ; rax → rdi